The Hub of Knowledge – Week 1

We are running a new weekly feature ‘The Hub of Knowledge’ – with guidance and additional tips to help you with our online membership services portal ‘The Hub’.


Top Tip:

When creating a new member in The Hub, ALWAYS remember to tick ‘Create A BT Membership Application’ for them, or they will disappear from your view in the system.

New News:

Family memberships have now been launched in The Hub.

  • For new members who are under 18 and whose parents/guardians are not part of British Taekwondo: Their parents/guardians can ‘Sign Up’ to The Hub and create a ‘Parent/Guardian’ account. They can then add all of their children to this account under the ‘My Members’ section.
  • For new members who are under 18 and looking to joining British Taekwondo, whose parent/guardian are part of British Taekwondo: The parent/guardian can log into their account and add their children to their account by clicking on ‘My Members’. ‘Create Member’.
  • For existing children who are under 18 and already part of British Taekwondo: If the family only had one email address, we are working on migrating these accounts for you manually.

Should you have any questions or need any help regarding ‘The Hub’ please email: