Club Development success story at Creative Ways Taekwondo Club

Creative Ways Taekwondo (CWTKD) was set up in 2009 and was run solely by Chris Wood at New Bradwell Community Centre in Milton Keynes. The Club grew in numbers over the years and while Chris was 100% dedicated to his club, he realised that running a club alone had many limitations. At the beginning of 2017, the club attended a Quest Taekwondo seminar with Lutalo Muhammed. At this seminar Quest Taekwondo was presented with their Clubmark certificate. This prompted Chris to look into what Clubmark status was all about. He decided that working towards achieving Clubmark status would be the best step to giving the club the structure required to not only succeed but to evolve into something great.

In March 2017, Chris aired his ambitions with the students and parents about changing the structure of the club in preparation to hand it over to its members. Following this discussion, a committee (Chair, Safeguarding Officer, Treasurer, Events Officer and Fundraising Officer) was formed in August 2017 whereby the club’s Constitution was agreed, and the core members of the Committee elected.  The club also agreed on Equal Opportunities, Safeguarding and Child Protection policies.

The club’s first AGM was held in October 2017 with the election of further supporting committee members (Assistant Secretary & Vice Chair). CWTKD is now a Not-For-Profit Community Sports Club with over 60 students. CWTKD belongs to its members and every decision made relating to the club is made in the interest of all its students.

 With help and development support from British Taekwondo, as well as assistance from British Taekwondo coaches and clubs from around the UK, CWTKD’s committee work tirelessly to ensure its students receive the best training possible and make available opportunities to take part in competitions, seminars and training.

Due to the new structure and the success of the club in the past six months, the membership has doubled in numbers, which has led to the club looking for new, larger premises within the Milton Keynes area. The club’s main ambition is to have its own dedicated training dojang with its current students progressing as future coaches & instructors.

In January 2018, the club’s committee decided it was important to purchase World Taekwondo approved mats for the members to train on. The committee then embarked on a mission to raise enough funds to purchase 200 World Taekwondo approved floor mats. Following a funding application in February 2018, CWTKD was awarded £1500 by Milton Keynes Community Foundation. Reaching halfway to achieving this goal, the club appealed to its members, friends and family via for the balance needed to purchase the mats. To the club’s amazement, CWTKD received an extremely generous £1672.50 in donations, of which Milton Keynes Community Foundation matched a further £540 from their Mad March Match appeal.

Hard work really does pay off! Creative Ways Taekwondo is now the proud owner of World Taekwondo approved mats, and its members are even more enthusiastic than ever at training.  The club is also planning to purchase new training equipment with the additional funds raised. Now the club has the mats, it is planning on putting on additional sports sessions where they will be utilised to their full potential.

On Saturday 24th March 2018, CWTKD had its biggest ever grading, 26 students with a 100% pass rate. A record number of 5 students double-graded, four from White belt to Yellow belt, and one from Green belt to Blue belt. Master Neil Guest 7th Dan conducted the grading and was impressed with the standard of the students. It was really impressive seeing the hall full of mats and students enjoying training on them.

The members of CWTKD are very proud of its success. The club aims to continue its membership growth and have a dedicated venue with quality training equipment in the near future. The club is very thankful to the staff at British Taekwondo for their support with the clubs ongoing development.

The Creative Ways Taekwondo Club would also like to thank volunteers at British Taekwondo as well as other clubs, coaches and mentors for their continued support in helping make Creative Ways Taekwondo a success.

Creative Ways Taekwondo is hosting its first ever event – Poomsae Seminar with Master Peter Johnson (7th Dan) on Saturday 13th May 2018 at Cranfield University (MK43 0AL). Please get in touch ( if you would like further details.

If your club would like development assistance and/or advice from the British Taekwondo Development Officer, please email;