Taekwondo Stories – Andrew Jackson

Each week we will look to feature stories from our members. This week we have an inspiring story from 3rd Dan Andrew Jackson from Spartans Taekwondo in Woodhall Spa, Lincolnshire.

My name is Andrew Jackson, and I have had epilepsy for 39 years since the age of 3 years old through having measles. Nine years ago I had a severe and life-threatening seizure known as Status Epilepticus which I nearly lost my life too, and I was admitted to hospital for six weeks and still having seizures while in the hospital which was due to working long hours.

My journey with British Taekwondo came about one year later in 2011 when I was allowed to drive again. I found a nearby club Woodhall Spa Taekwondo at St Hughes School (now known as Spartans Taekwondo). I went to watch, and then the following week I decided to become a member.

Even though my co-ordination is useful in lots of other areas I did struggle with some techniques and exercises which is due to the part of the brain that was affected. Therefore it took me longer to learn techniques or patterns than other people. I always aimed for manageable goals such as passing the next grading, and after lots of hard work, In 2014, I finally gained my Blackbelt. November 2017 I was delighted to pass my 3rd Dan grading. I also completed the Level 2 coaching course.

Taekwondo has been a great help to me with my condition, and it can help others as there are so many benefits to be gained through our excellent sport – patterns, fitness, coordination and also meeting new people. I have two of my children who have taken up and also enjoy our great sport.

Andrew is a media volunteer for the Epilepsy Action charity.

Read more about Epilepsy Action HERE



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