Coaches Appointed to GB Cadet Programme

The planning for the 2018 GB Cadet programme has taken a big step forward this month with the appointment of three new coaches. Following a great response and interview process we are excited to announce that the following coaches have been appointed to the programme:

  • Kathy Hook (Ultimate Taekwondo)
  • Daniel Flesher (Lion Taekwondo)
  • Ben Shaw (Team Warrior)

Sarah Stevenson Jennings MBE who is running the Cadet programme said ‘Due to the high level of interviews we have decided to appoint three coaches from this early stage. These three coaches stood out for me, and I am excited to be working with them. We are confident that we have the right coaches in place to make the programme a success by nurturing developing the talent available.  We have the drive, passion and determination as a team and an organisation to make this work. I would ask all our clubs, coaches and parents to get behind us and the programme and work with us as a team to get the best from our cadets and the programme as a whole.’



Kathy a successful athlete in her own right, competing and medalling in multiple major championships and representing her country at the 1992 demonstration Olympic games. Kathy is the most experienced of our club coaches and in the past has coached at multiple junior and senior major championships. Her club Ultimate Taekwondo formed in 1996 from which she has had medal success at cadet and junior World and European Championships.

“I am delighted to be given this opportunity to coach the cadet squad. They are a great age group to teach, and I can’t wait to get started.  I’m also happy to be working alongside the other appointed coaches and management on this programme.”



Daniel Flesher is the head sports coach at Lion Taekwondo in which he leads a very professional team from novice to advanced level enabling his athletes to compete at regular G1 and G2 events. Daniel was a support coach at the 2014 Commonwealth Championships which was a success for Great Britain and British Taekwondo.

“As a newly appointed Cadet Team Coach, I am delighted, to be part of this exciting opportunity we have for our cadet-athletes within this inspiring new cadet programme. I can’t wait to get started, and looking forward to being part of the journey in developing our young athletes.”



Ben Shaw heads up Team Warrior Taekwondo – Although Ben is a young coach and with a young club he has achieved enormous success in this short space of time, already coaching up to 20 National champions along with G1 medal success and athletes representing at major championships. Ben has the vision, knowledge and passion and will be a valuable asset to this coaching team.

“I would like to thank Sarah Stevenson and British Taekwondo for this fantastic opportunity with the cadet national team. I’m looking forward to being part of this exciting new development program. Excited to get started at next weeks training camp and hoping a successful first year as Cadet team coach.”