British Taekwondo

Revise Dan Grade Promotions for British Taekwondo Clubs


  1. One month before a British Taekwondo club Dan grade promotion the host club must register the Dan grade promotion as an event with British Taekwondo. Email Listing the venue, date and times and names of the panel members.
  2. A panel of examiners must preside over the examination. The lead examiner must be graded at 6th Dan or above with two other examiners 4th Dan or above. Candidates may be 1st-5th Dan (Poom where applicable). The Lead Examiner is responsible for the processing of applications and ensuring the British Taekwondo club Dan Grade promotion is conducted in a correct and proper manner.
  3. Higher Dan grade promotion to 6th and 7th Dan must be conducted by a panel chaired by a British Taekwondo recognised 8th Dan examiner or higher or by a British Taekwondo approved panel of three or more 7th Dan examiners.
  4. 8th and 9th Dan promotions will be conducted by Kukkiwon only.
  5. Payment by candidates must be made to the club and not British Taekwondo.

On completion of the Dan grade promotion test

  1. The Lead Examiner must submit by email a complete candidate list spreadsheet with all required data of successful candidates including photographs of successful candidates.
  2. The Lead Examiner will make a single payment for the appropriate Kukkiwon and administration fees to British Taekwondo.

Club Dan grade certification

An application for Kukkiwon certification must be made for all British Taekwondo Dan/Poom grade candidates. Kukkiwon certification must only be applied for by British Taekwondo.

The club should issue a Dan grade promotion award with the British Taekwondo and Club logo. According to Kukkiwon by-laws, only Kukkiwon can issue Dan grade certification. It is common practice to award a certificate of achievement on the day of the examination in lieu of receipt of the Kukkiwon certificate. All certificates must be approved. Please submit any designs in advance for approval.

An appointed British Taekwondo nominated officer may attend any British Taekwondo Club Dan grade promotion test.

***Please note the email is currently down any communication to this address must temporarily be sent to Mike McKenzie – details below***

All lead examiners can contact Mike McKenzie by email at –