British Taekwondo Activity Report and Update

After a thorough review process, the move to Manchester from Mansfield has now been completed and the Manchester office is now operational. British Taekwondo would also like to welcome our new staff members Rhiannon Prestige and James Docherty who will be based in Manchester. Rhiannon is taking the lead on membership and James is Development Officer.  We’d like to thank Debbie and Clare for their dedicated service to British Taekwondo and would like to wish them the very best in their future endeavours. Overseeing the transition are Shirley Stapleton – Chief Operations Officer and Mike Mckenzie – Technical Director.

Operationally, giant leaps have been made with THE HUB. Our clubs, instructors and members were presented with many challenges but most of these have been overcome. 4 Global have provided an excellent service in getting THE HUB to where it needs to be as the original design brief proved to be inadequate. The frustration felt by the instructors and members was compounded by the difficulties in getting through to someone who could listen and help. We apologise for this and are very pleased that this is no longer the case due to Shirley’s sterling efforts.

One very positive outcome of THE HUB was the successful revision of the competition Audit. At the Northern Youth Championships, the Audit system ensured that all participants had current membership of British Taekwondo and that if required memberships and insurance could be processed in the build-up to the event or on the actual day! The process was simple and pain-free for organisers and officials alike.

We are very pleased to announce that the Board proposal to purchase and supply Generation 2 PSS to sanctioned British Taekwondo events was approved at the AGM and that equipment order has now been made. The PSS will be stored at the new headquarters, and the management system will be announced shortly.

British Taekwondo recognises the skills and qualifications of our members, and as such we have launched the Higher Dan Grade Club promotions. Sanctioned Club Dan gradings which meet the set criteria can now promote up to Black belt 7th Dan. This has been published on the British Taekwondo website. Please remember all Dan grade promotions must be registered in advance and meet the criteria as set by Kukkiwon.

We continue to build stronger relations with major organisations, so far this year we have had some very positive contact with World Taekwondo Europe. Mike Mckenzie met with WTE President Pragalos in Germany where they discussed future projects and co-operation.

British Taekwondo’s Peter Adamsons was appointed Vice Chairperson of the WTE Competition Committee.

We have consulted with British Taekwondo Coaches regarding the Cadet Squad and team selection process, and scheduled squad sessions and Coach interviews lead by Sarah Jennings MBE. There are some very exciting major developments regarding the Cadet programme which we will be announcing very soon!

We are very proud to announce that we will be hosting the British International Open Poomsae Championships in London. Around this event, we will be hosting WTE Coaching Courses and other related activities which will truly see British Taekwondo move to the forefront of Poomsae in Europe.

British Taekwondo is undergoing a modernisation process. As National Governing Body for WT Taekwondo in the UK we will support the efforts of our clubs, instructors and members. Our focus is in 5 key areas Education, Events, Development, Governance and Teams. We want to create strong clubs each having a thriving membership, excellent student retention, a positive public image and offering varied activities together, of course, with good governance.

The Board remains, as always, at your disposal.

Jon Smith
Chairman British Taekwondo


Change of Address of British Taekwondo Headquarters

New Address:
British Taekwondo
Manchester Regional Arena

Rowlsey Street
M11 3FF


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