New Weights and Age groups for young competitors

With over 60% of our membership aged under thirteen, and the majority of the membership sitting between the ages of seven and ten, the safety and enjoyment of our junior membership is paramount to the organisation.

Since the introduction of standardised weight groups for all British TKD events approximately 4 years ago, we have also seen higher levels of children competing although we currently only have one age group for children, 11years and under, with 10 weight groups. This situation has been reviewed by The British Taekwondo Games Committee and discussed by the Board with the focus on increasing the safety and enjoyment of the child players.

There will now be two separate age groups within all British Taekwondo events. 8yrs and under and 9-11yrs with each group split down by the following weights groups.

8 years and below

-18kg -20kg -22kg -24kg -26kg +26kg

9-11 years

-26kg -29kg -32kg -36kg -40kg -44kg -48kg +48kg

Brian Tilley, Chair of The Game Committee, stated that ‘we are pleased to announce the changes which we fundamentally believe will increase the enjoyment, engagement and, above all, safety of our junior players. We continue to review the competition structure within British Taekwondo, are also currently reviewing the weight making policy with our medical advisors and hope to make some further announcements in due course’