More Demand for KickSister

KickSister is a female-only programme which combines fitness, fun, personal safety and Taekwondo.

Following the success of Predator Taekwondo at this year’s National Satellite Club of the Year Awards, we are seeing a demand for more Taekwondo classes across the County Sports Partnership network.  We need more instructors who can work in the community to promote Taekwondo and increase participation.

Predator KickSister was a great example of a classroom-to-community-to-club programme.   Many school programmes start out as demonstration sessions which might include the Taekwondo instructor leading some PE sessions.  It does not require pupils taking British Taekwondo membership as the school provides insurance for the lessons.  Once it becomes a regular ‘after-school club’, it can be registered as a Satellite Club and funded by the County Sports Partnership.  At this point Predator registered all of their girls as KickSisters for just £5 each (which provided personal accident insurance and included a free KickSister t-shirt).

Girls who wanted to extend their training were encouraged to attend Predator club sessions, and their membership was upgraded which allowed them to train, spar and enter competitions.

KickSister needs more female instructors – so if you are Blue Belt and above and you have a passion for teaching and nurturing a new generation; please get in touch with Margaret by email or phone (07944 484877).