British Taekwondo teams up with Sports Crowdfunding platform Sponsorise.Me

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British Taekwondo is excited to announce they have formed a partnership with sports dedicated crowdfunding platform Sponsorise.Me

Since launching in 2013, Sponsorise.Me has become Europe’s leading sports crowdfunding platform. With over £1.5 million raised on the website, Sponsorise.Me has helped over 750 athletes, sports clubs and organisations reach their targets thereby making Sponsorise.Me one of the most successful crowdfunding platforms out there with a 70% success rate.

Ashley Holding Partnership Executive at Sponsorise.Me said:

Crowdfunding is a unique and innovative solution for Taekwondo clubs and members up and down Britain to generate additional revenue by engaging with their followers and supporters along with promoting taekwondo in the local community. 

Sponsorise.Me is a forward-thinking service for any governing body that is looking for new funding methods for their members and we’re delighted to have formed this partnership with a governing body like British Taekwondo.”

British Taekwondo’s Development Director Margaret Nolan said  “This is an exciting opportunity for British Taekwondo and we are very happy to have formed a partnership with a company like Sponsorise.Me. Crowdfunding is a fantastic alternative for our members and we will look to encourage our members to look into this new venture

What is Crowdfunding? 

Crowdfunding is an alternative (or complementary) way of raising funds for projects by asking people in the local and wider community to donate small amounts of money to your project. In exchange of their financial contribution, supporters receive unique rewards from the project owner (A training session, a signed shirt, a picture, etc.) Sponsorise.Me can help you to engage with your fans to raise money for new equipment, coachingetc.

If you have a project in mind you can submit it to Sponsorise.Me here