Take a look: GAL/GOL Update

As a result of the WTF requiring additional and updated documentation for the 2016 licence renewals, there has subsequently been both delays in renewals and new applications for competitions. Thus, in order to ensure an efficient and speedy process, and thereby reducing the chance of future delays, please take note of the following measures to be taken.

Before sending an application to GALGOL@Britishtaekwondo.org, clubs and individuals should ensure that all the relevant documentation and information is included within the initial email.

These include the following.

  • An copy of a valid up to date passport, both for renewals and new applicants
  • A copy of proof payment using the clubs or an individuals name as a reference
  • A copy of a signed WTF waiver by each athlete and official, as this has now become essential to enter competitions
  • If there has been any change of grade, or the current grade stated on your Hangastar profile is incorrect, could you please highlight the change in red on the application form and provide a copy of the new grade certificate
  • Ensure that the email provided on the excel form for each athlete is fully accessible as this has become a key method of communication between the WTF and members regarding competition information.
  • If applying as a referee, ensure that your IR card is included
  • When applying for a dual licence as both an athlete and coach, could you please state the number of years experience you have within the email.



Nariah Francis