Aquila Taekwondo Sets Pace for Development through Sportivate!

Local sports funding means a great deal to sports clubs across the country; its a key part of development and even a factor of thriving sporting communities.

That’s why we like to make a big fuss when British Taekwondo clubs let us know about successful funding bids, making the most of the brilliant opportunities available to improve and grow.

Sportivate Funding is one of these. Ultimately designed to provide opportunities for young people to try out new sports and activities, Sportivate aims to increase participation and support local communities.

Aquila Taekwondo, originally based in Ladywell, South London, has expanded rapidly since beginning in May 2013 – and so understands just how important local engagement is to growth and development. Founded by Terry Cooper and Kuzey Akeses, today the club runs classes 5 days a week at various venues throughout the Borough’s of Lewisham and Bromley.

“We saw a number of social media posts from British Taekwondo,” confirms Kuzey, “they outlined Sportivate funding opportunities… so we made an application!”

The process is an organised one, and it’s important to be clear and focused in applications; this is why Aquila Taekwondo, like many clubs, felt a little daunted by it at first.

“After discussing a few ideas with Margaret Nolan, National Development Director, we had a good idea of were to start.

“We now knew where we could find statistical evidence to back up our application, we felt much more confident in our ability to obtain funding”

That confidence and preparation paid, because the club were indeed successful! It will enable them to provide a reduction in fees, uniform costs and membership costs for adolescent males from lower socio-economic backgrounds; statistically more difficult to attract to the art and sport.

“We now have the opportunity to grow our membership by removing the financial barrier for those that need it most, encouraging prolonged participation in Taekwondo for individuals from this demographic group.

“We would certainly recommend other clubs to apply for funding opportunities and make use of the assistance provided. If unsuccessful, there’s always the option to reapply at the next opportunity.” 

Indeed, funding bids are a good way to learn about different processes to improve your clubs in the long run – don’t give up at your first try. 

The extremely positive influence sport has on the community and the individuals within it continues to shine through our clubs. Providing opportunities like these is more than growing membership, it is opening doors to individuals who could benefit more than ever.  

“Terry and Kuzey wrote a clear funding application to attract teenage boys into Taekwondo.” Said Margaret Nolan.

“We wish them every success with this project and their longer term plans to increase participation at their club.”

Sportivate funding is now open for applications delivering between April 2016 – September 2016! 

 “Sportivate funding is available for people wanting to start new activities for new groups of people.  We have seen a number of new projects started using Sportivate funding which has resulted in more regular British Taekwondo members!

“It’s a great source of ‘start up’ funding, so if you have a project idea speak to our Development Team and your County Sports Partnership.”

  Check out our funding pages  to learn more about funding opportunities and pick up some hints and tips about the process.