European Masters Team Gears up for Game this Weekend!

Tomorrow (Thursday) and Friday British athletes will travel to France, Nice, for the European Masters Games.

The European Master Games are a multisport event, totalling 29 different sports. Taking place from the 1st of October to the 11th, athletes form all over the world will head to France to put their best foot forward in the huge competition.

The Taekwondo competition, set to kick off this weekend (Saturday & Sunday 3rd & 4th) will take place at the Faculté des sciences du sport, Nice, France. Both Kyorugi and Poomsae elements are included, and the British Team of 11, 4 female and 6 male, will hope to make their mark. 10 of these competitors will compete in Kyorugi, while 3 will be put through their paces in the equally stiff Poomsae event.

Lucy Walton, Team Manager, will be hoping to replicate or even surpass past successes from the World Masters Games in Turin, 2 years prior. Here, the British Team achieved 2 gold and a bronze medal.

“The team set to attend the Games in Nice this weekend has some amazing credentials,” said Lucy. “We certainly have ambitions to supersede our performance in the World Masters Games in 2013!”

And with a devoted team of very experienced coaches, there’s no reason why the Masters Team doesn’t have every chance of fulfilling these ambitions.

Coaches Danyal Mirzai, Taekwondo Machine, and Richard Fairhurst, Black Widows Taekwondo, are both current GB Talent Development Coaches for the Cadet Squad, and have worked consistently with the Masters Athletes at Squad training sessions.

See Masters Team Athletes, along with achievements, below:

David Bailey (Central Taekwondo),

Kyorugi -68kg (over 45yrs), Poomse (over 51yrs)
Three Senior World Championships 1983, 1985 & 1993
Two Senior European Championships 1986 & 1992
British Champion -58kg 1983 to 1993
British Champion Veteran -68kg 2011
World Masters Games Champion 45+ -68kg 2013
British Champion 2010 & 2012
WTF International Referee
Referee at European & World Championships 2011

Alonso Camacho (Taekwondo Machine)

Kyorugi -80kg (over 35yrs)
National Championship Silver, 2014 (veterans)

John Lockwood (Pulse Taekwondo)

Kyorugi -68kg (over 35yrs)
European Master Games Silver Medalist in Lignano Italy 2011

Andre Holland (Black Widows Taekwondo)

Kyorugi -80kg (over 35yrs)
National Championship Gold Medalist 2012 (veterans)
National Championship Silver Medalist 2013 (veterans)

Andrew Sowerby (S.A.S Taekwondo)

Kyorugi -80kg (over 45yrs)
British Champion (4 times),  
Ultimate open championship (2 times)
Scottish open international Champion (2 times)
Dutch open championship (2 times).

Marcin Tata (Dorset Taekwondo)

Kyorugi >80kg (over 35yrs)

Andrew Perez (Chi Taekwondo)

Kyorugi -58kg (overs 35yrs)

Katrina Snape (Scorpion Taekwondo)

Kyorugi -67kg (over 35yrs)
Junior Europeans, Zagreb Croatia 1996- Silver
Junior Europeans, Athens Greece- bronze
British champion for many years as both a junior and senior competitor
Belgium, Dutch, German international open gold medalist many times.
Compete for 27 years on and off
British team up to the point of having a daughter in 1999
Part of Senior Team again for Athens 2000

Angie Bailey (Central Taekwondo)

Poomse (over 41yrs)
Six times British Poomse Champion 2010 to 2015
Current Commonwealth Poomse Champion

Rachel Buckley Salt (Horizon Taekwondo)

Kyorugi >67kg (over 35yrs)
Represented Britain at various European and World Championships.
Part of junior and senior GB squad from age 13 to 21.
Bronze medal in Bucharest in Junior European Championships in 1994.
British National champion from age 12 to retirement in 1999.

Lyndzie Eileen Mhairi Jeffrey (Granite City Taekwondo)

Kyorugi -49kg (over 35 yrs), Poomse (over 35yrs)
Bronze Medalist at Common Wealth Taekwondo Championships in 2011 Chennai India
Selected to compete in the Poomse European Championships in Italy May 2011, World Taekwondo Championships in Russia July 2011 and the European Championships Alicante April 2013.
British Poomse Champion title 2014 and 2015.
Silver at the British National Championships in Kyorugi (seniors).

The Masters Team have been involved in ongoing monthly sparring training sessions which is attended by a large number of veteran athletes from around the UK.

We would like to wish the entire British Taekwondo Masters Team a huge good luck ahead of the event, as well as highlight the tremendously hard work put in by all to training, coaching and management.



Photograph from left to right: Danyal Mirzaie (coach), Marcin Tata, John Lockwood, Andy Perez, Andrew Sowerby, Alonso Camacho & Richard Fairhurst (Coach).