Instructors & Volunteers: Shape the Government’s new Sports Strategy


This month, Sports Minister Tracey Crouch launched a wide-ranging public consultation on sport in the UK, to ensure public funding is given to organisations which can get more people active and participating in sport.

This is where you come in…

The Government wants to hear from people and groups who are involved in sport at grassroots level. Give your thoughts on what more can be done to increase participation and improve access to sports across the country!

The feedback you give will be used to develop the Government’s new sports strategy, and could contribute to dramatically changing and improving the way that sport is funded.

We therefore greatly encourage you to read through the consultation paper, and, most importantly, respond with your thoughts.

We value the opinion of our members and instructors, and now it can be used to shape the future of sports funding in this country.

One of the most encouraging aspects of the consultation paper is the explicit recognition of Sport for Development, and the positive social outcomes which sports can deliver.

Click here to download: ‘A New Strategy for Sport: Consultation Paper

By visiting the website specifically set up to manage your comments and feedback, you can contribute your own ideas and opinions.

Below are some of the key points to give your feedback and thoughts on:

  • How can Sported go about increasing participation in sport, and particularly in deprived areas and with underrepresented groups?
  • How can sport be used to deliver positive social outcomes?
  • How is it best to ensure that funding goes to organisations which can best deliver an increase in participation?
  • How can volunteers be more effectively supported?
  • How can Sported better enable a greater proportion of disabled people to take part in sport?

Here’s some tips about the information to include in your response:

  • (If you’re an instructor) – Information about your club, programmes, social objectives and target groups.
  • Evidence and outcomes to support your programmes
  • (Volunteers and instructors) – Your personal experiences in sport, and responses and recommendations to the key questions above.
  • Any case studies about young people you may know or have supported.
  • Be sure to reference Sported or any other organisations who have supported or funded club activities etc.

Sported are offering a fantastic opportunity for those involved in grassroots sport to be a part of reshaping sports funding across the UK. We encourage you to make the very most of it, and have your say.