Jenny Elliot Becomes First KickSister to Kick it in Competition

Jenny Elliot, now aged 13, joined KickSister classes at Scorpion Taekwondo in Doncaster in April last year.

“My older sister originally told me about the classes. I started because it looked a fun way to keep fit,” says Jenny, “then I realised I was making new friends, apart from school.”

Being encouraged by the lesson plans, Jenny liked the togetherness of the classes, and enjoyed learning as part of a team.

“All of us were women and we understood each other, we helped each other and although I was the youngest in the class, I felt at ease.”

Coming on leaps and bounds, and assured by her KickSister Instructor Adele Deakes, Jenny set her sights to competition. She wanted to put her new skills to the test, at the upcoming Scorpion 1-2-1 Competition.

“Jenny is a great student.” Adele told us.

“Very eager to learn, and after graduating from the Kicksister classes with me, trains at the full Taekwondo classes we teach at the Scorpion Taekwondo Centre, with Chief Instructor Peter Adamsons and myself.

“Jenny enjoys not only the sparring side of Taekwondo, but the Traditional too. She is now a 5th Kup – but still enjoys training in the Kicksister classes, with it being ladies only.”

Jenny tried her best to quell her nerves when the day of her very first competition arrived.

“I didn’t expect to win my first competition, even if I hoped I would…

“Though I lost my match I learnt a great deal from it, and gained a bit of crucial experience. I really wanted to improve.”

Driven by her first taste of competition, she was determined to improve and work towards success at her next. She looked to compete at the upcoming Quest 1-2-1 event in Sheffield.

Jenny is a fantastic example of how beneficial Taekwondo can be for mind-set, as when she stepped into competition for the second time, managed to blank out her worries and focus on the advice Adele had given to her.

“I wasn’t as nervous – I’d corrected the mistakes I made the first time around.”

Now more focused and confident, the Scorprion KickSister put on an excellent performance, to finish with a 15-13 lead on her opponent.

“I didn’t realise I was winning until I saw the score at the end!

“Without the help from my team, coaches and family I wouldn’t have had the confidence to compete in the first place”

We’re delighted to hear about Jenny’s recent success in competition, and more so to hear how her confidence has sky-rocketed.

“Even if I don’t win there’s other opportunities. I’ll try to become better than before, to me that’s all that really matters”.



Jenny with her trophy post-win at the Quest 1-2-1