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British Taekwondo and Kukkiwon together at Lord Mayors Thames Festival 2012

During the weekend of the 8th and 9th September, members of the British Taekwondo’s Poomsae Squad were invited to perform at the Mayor’s Thames Festival London “All Eyes on Korea” on the banks of the River Thames situated beside the Modern Tate Gallery.

Following the successful demonstration for the WTF Gala in Park Lane London, an executive from the Kukkiwon requested the same team to perform at the Thames Valley Festival, delivering three demonstrations over the weekend. The team were the “star event” alongside the world famous Korean Kukkiwon Demonstration Team.

Leading the team from British taekwondo was the National Poomsae Chairman, Derek Sumner. The outline of the British Taekwondo demonstration was predominately Poomsae, specifically highlighting the new WTF Freestyle section.

The team added musical freestyle with some practical self defence, pad kicking with senior members executing advanced kicking drills, bringing the young and old together showing Taekwondo is for all.

With Guntur Dwiarmein performing Pekak, WTF 1st Poomsae as a closing piece on a stage fit for rock and pop bands and with an audience of at least a thousand, the British Taekwondo team delivered a tight professional performance.

Kukkiwon representatives headed by 9th Dan Grand Master Jeong Man Soon, and the Korean Ambassador described the performances as “Beautiful” and “The Best British demonstration we have seen” and finally “A perfect example that Korea wishes to express about Taekwondo to the world”

Following the British Taekwondo performance, the grand finale, the Kukkiwon performed a 3 part history of Taekwondo and did not disappoint. They were incredible and wooed the crowd with an acrobatic, dynamic taekwondo display full of intense drama and humour. The crowd already pumped and excited with what they had witnessed from the British Taekwondo team, the Koreans finished with a dance routine in which the British Taekwondo team joined in with this impromptu and fun dance final, which received jubilant applause and cheers from a very excited crowd and similarly proud Korean VIPs.

After the close of the event the teams accompanied other VIPs to a dinner and cruise along the River Thames, with the added bonus of everyone enjoying the amazing firework display celebrating the closing of the Paralympics. From the event under Tower Bridge, a truly epic and memorable weekend was had by everyone.

The Korean Ambassador commented very positively and Master Sumner was thanked on behalf of the organiser for helping with the most successful “All Eyes On Korea ” event and more importantly, helping to make the alliance between Great Britain and Korea even stronger in our art, through British Taekwondo and Kukkiwon. Master Sumner was then presented with a certificate for his contribution in development in Taekwondo. Citation certificates were also presented to Jenny Whiting and James Hamson for their hard work and help in making the Demonstration successful.

Finally, Master Sumner expressed his sincere thanks to the team who worked so very hard and made British Taekwondo proud.