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BTCB Concludes Successful Meeting with Kukkiwon

BTCB Chairman Adrian Tranter, Secretary-General Neil Guest and Vice-President Lim Kwan-In have spent the last three days in meetings with Kukkiwon President Kang Won-Sik, Chairman Kim Joo-Hoon and Vice-President Lim Choon-Kil.

Day one was spent in private meetings at Kukkiwon Headquarters with President Kang then Vice President Lim, discussing various matters of mutual benefit and interests.

Day two commenced as VIP guests of President Kang at the World Hanmadang Championships. BTCB Chairman Adrian Tranter personally accompanied President Kang to lunch: President Kang was very keen to hear of the good work being done by BTCB clubs back in the United Kingdom.
Secretary General Neil Guest accompanied Vice-President Lim and Chairman Kim to the same lunch, as they too were very interested in getting to know a fuller perspective of our history and progress. The afternoon saw everyone return to the Hanmadang.
After Chairman Adrian Tranter, Secretary-General Neil Guest and Vice-President Lim Kwan-In took their seats with the other VIP dignitaries, Adrian was further honoured by being introduced to the audience as a guest of honour.
Both Adrian and Neil were amazed at the many activities of the Hanmadang, from the young children performing Poomsae, to group breaking demonstration, group self-defence and taekwondo dance.
The highlight was a truly inspirational display of synchron Poomsae, breaking and self-defence by five teenage blind taekwondo athletes, who received a standing ovation for their performance. The evening saw Adrian and Neil as guests at the Opening Ceremony Banquet, as pictured.
Day three again started at the Hanmadang. Chairman Adrian Tranter, Secretary-General Neil Guest and Vice-President Lim Kwan-In had a private lunch with President Kang and Chairman Kim, where a deeper understanding of how we can collaborate better together in the future was forged.
The afternoon saw Adrian and President Kang sign a Special Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Kukkiwon. This special MOU is specifically only available to Member National Federations of the WTF. It sets out how the two organisations will assist each other in the growth and development of Taekwondo in the United Kingdom, through mutual respect and co-operation. The signing ceremony is pictured.

Adrian commented ‘The signing of the MOU between the Kukkiwon and the BTCB sets in place a status where we can enjoy a special relationship with Kukkiwon. There will be further collaboration between us that will help drive the standard of Taekwondo to even greater heights in the United Kingdom. I am delighted to have spent so much time with President Kang, Chairman Kim and Vice-President Lim, as we all recognised that our personal relationships are key to ensuring success. I am very content that we have the confidence of Kukkiwon in our abilities and that can only create better outcomes for us all in the United Kingdom. I also want to send a heartfelt “Thank you” to our Vice-President, Lim Kwan-In. His efforts during this whole trip have been instrumental in our tremendous success.’

Neil added ‘This MOU will enable our work with Kukkiwon to become more efficient and better understood. Our clubs can look forward to receiving added benefits as we develop a raft of opportunities with Kukkiwon over the coming months. It is an exciting time for our ar. With the relationships we have now developed, I am confident that we can ensure Kukkiwon certification will enhance the value of our clubs’ excellent work within the United Kingdom. We, like Kukkiwon themselves, wish to ensure that our Dan Promotion and qualification process will measure technical skills and training competence, a matter that we in the BTCB give the highest regard.
‘The BTCB Executive wishes to thank President Kang, Chairman Kim and Vice- President Lim of Kukkiwon for their superb hospitality during the visit to Kukkiwon Headquarters and to the Hanmadang, and also the Kukkiwon staff who have worked tirelessly in helping us during our stay with Kukkiwon’.