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Do you want to become a Taekwondo Judge or Referee?

The starting point to becoming a judge or a referee is to attend an official BTCB judges / Referee’s course. Once you qualify as a judge you can then attend events as an official and after a period of time you can progress onto centre refereeing. 

Judging courses are open to all students from the age of 14yrs old and could lead you to attend many events in the UK and also overseas. During 2008 our BTCB referee’s traveled all over the world, often funded, to referee at events such as the US Open, Belgian Open, Dutch Open, Swedish Open, World Championships, European Championships, Pan American Olympic Qualifiers to name just a few.

Don’t forget – you don’t have to be a top class fighter to be at the Olympics, World or European Championships – referee’s take part as well !!!!

The BTCB are holding a judges course in Manchester on 25th April 2009 and have a limited number of spaces available ful detail and applications can be found in the Calendar section of the BTCB Website.

Anyone interested in becoming a judge, or just learning the rules of the sport, should attend.