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Sport Taekwondo UK Sparring Days

Sport Taekwondo UK would like to invite athletes to join them for some sparring days at the National Academy.

This will be a good opportunity for a number of reasons. It will give you the opportunity to train with some of the best athletes in the country, it will give you the chance to work with the National Team Coaches and finally it will everyone a chance to share ideas. To ensure that these events remain on a quality and not quantity basis only players who meet the following  criteria are invited to take part.

  • A Valid licence holder
  • Senior categories (unless selected by coach)
  • Senior National Champion (Sept 08)
  • Senior National Champion & Silver Medallist (Sept 08) if 8 or more players in your division
  • Senior Gold or Silver Medallist at British International Championships (Nov 08)
  • Senior medallist at European A class tournament in the last 12 months
  • Players selected by the National Team Coaches

Sport Taekwondo UK understands that there are talented athletes who do not meet the Selection Criteria, so it’s for this reason that the coaches will select certain players based on performances over the past 12 months, if you are selected you will hear from one of the coaches prior to the relevant dates.

If you meet the criteria and would like to be involved please notify one of our High Performance Coaches at least one week before to confirm and check attendance. All invited players will be inform at least 7 days before the sparring day.

The scheduled dates for the Sparring Days in 2009 are:
Sat January 24th 2009
Sat May 16th 2009
Sat July 11th 2009
Sat December 12th 2009

(These dates may change depending on the preparation times of the academy, changes will be announced)