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A successful Poomsae seminar held with Master Lee Won Sik

The BTCB Poomsae UK committee recently organised a rare treat for BTCB Taekwondo members — a seminar with the renowned French based Korean Taekwondo Master Lee Won Sik 7th Dan WTF on Saturday 1st and Sunday 2nd November 2008.

Master Lee Won Sik is an internationally recognized Taekwondo and Poomsae expert who brought to the seminar a wealth of experience as the former National Coach and current National Technical Director for France. He is also an active International Poomsae Referee.

Above all Master Lee Won Sik is renowned to be an exceptional and effective coach who has taught many Poomsae competitors to European and World medals.

The seminar was on at a great time for UK Taekwondo with the 1st International Kyrugi Championships in Manchester on the same day. But that did not deter an overwhelming attendance of some 84 participants showing the increasing support and interest towards competitive Poomsae practice.

Everyone benefited by improving their overall performance and knowledge of Poomsae and Kibons under excellent instruction from Master Lee.

Saturday was formally opened with a gift of appreciation by the Poomsae Chairman Master Derek Sumner with a engraved warrior statue and BTCB Poomsae UK pennant flag for Master Lee to take home as a memento of his time with us. Master Lee wasted no time with a tough warm up that challenged all with displays of great flexibility and strength but showing a grace that bewildered all on how Master Lee generated such powerful techniques.

The National Coach Master Stephane Roth translated Master Lee’s instruction but it must be said that nothing can be translated like pure demonstration that Master Lee excelled at with a few directed techniques on participants who felt first hand his ability. Master Lee worked Kibon like has never been seen before with good traditional practice of stances, jireugi, chireugi, makki’s and movements.

Later when arms and shoulders were tested to the maximum he turned his attention to kicking technique with amazing kicking ability that just further amazed and encouraged everyone to work harder.

After a well-earned break the second half of the first day was tailored towards the Taegeuk Poomsae from Ill Jang up to Pal Jang. Each was done with an eagle eye from Master Lee picking common and individual faults showing his attention to detail. Each Poomsae was performed right to the end with a final push and test of fitness with a Poomsae Pal Jang done from start to finish from each and every move making us start over 20 times.
Master Lee paid special attention to the Juniors that came along and gave them a test which involved fun and activity showing his diversity on teaching methods making Poomsae practice light hearted and interesting. This did not stop for the adult senior Dan grades as he tested them as well from 7th Dan down to 1st Dan that ended a fantastic training session that everyone hopes will be repeated very soon.

Day two on Sunday was a chance for Master Lee to extend his instruction for the Great Britain Poomsae A and B Squads. For those that went on Saturday thinking that was hard work, Sunday proved more challenging with further direction on the Kibons combined with relaxation and power. Further demonstrations of his strength directed from the abdomen showing its utter importance of use in the Poomsae.

The squads were then tested on Dan grade Poomsae directed for competition specifics especially performance and judging. Master Lee covered in great detail from Koryo up to Hansoo that left everyone fully tested to his or her maximum abilities.

At the end of each day group photos recorded the support for this seminar by Master Lee with full appreciation demonstrated by everyone who took part.

The next time Master Lee takes time for us it will be an event not worth missing. The Poomsae Committee would like to thank all attendees for the support this weekend; it was great to see so many people training! Master Lee’s feedback was very positive and was encouraged by the enthusiasm shown by all who attended.

Finally if you need any information now or in the future please don’t hesitate to contact any member of the Poomsae Committee.

Poomsae Committee


Master Derek Sumner

National Coaches:

Master Stephane Roth
Master Gemma Biescas

Judging Co-ordinator
Grand Master Shin

Team manager: Mrs Andrea Brown