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Insurance: Important Information

Instructor Indemnity Insurance Certificate

Membership Services would like to reminding all Taekwondo Instructors that it is compulsory to hold a current Instructor Indemnity Insurance Certificate.

Instructors are not permitted to teach without a valid Instructor Indemnity Insurance Certificate.

It is the Instructors responsibility to ensure that their insurance is renewed
at least two weeks prior to expiry so that cover is continuous.

From October 1st 2008 the BTCB will confirm that an Instructor’s Indemnity Insurance is valid before processing member licences. If Membership Services finds it has expired the instructor will be contacted.

Member Licenses

Instructors as also remind to ensure that all club members have a current licence. No member of the club is to train without a current licence. If any member trains without a current licence the Instructors Indemnity Insurance is voided because the Insurer see this as negligence by the Instructor.

New club members must be required to purchase a licence on the first night of training before they take part in the training session. The insurers offer no ‘grace’ period in which a new member can train without insurance.

Should a new member suffer an injury while training without insurance cover the Instructor can be held personally liable for any damages awarded by the courts.

Recent Cases

The BTCB has recently been made aware of a potential claim for damages against an Instructor who had no Instructor Indemnity Insurance and the injured person did not have a BTCB licence. The instructor will have to deal with the claim on their own and employ their own solicitors to handle the case where they could be held personally liable.

Last year an Instructor insured by the British Taekwondo Council lost their house to fund the substantial damages awarded to an injured club member.

The BTCB do not wish for this to happen to one of its members and ask Instructors and members to act accordingly to protect themselves by holding current valid form of Insurance.