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ETU Poomse Seminar in Alicante

Great success for the 2nd ETU Poomse seminar.

The second ETU Instructors’ Poomsae Seminar took place from April 23rd – 25th 2008 in Alicante, Spain. Responding to the Spanish Federation’s invitation, Danish Master Mr. Ky-Tu Dang, 7 times European champion and World champion 2007, conducted it.

This session hosted around thirty trainees coming from numerous countries: Ireland, Holland, Belgium, France, Portugal, Norway, Switzerland, Hungary and, of course, Spain. The seminar was organised by the ETU for trainers, judges and technical competitors. Along with Ky-Tu Dang, Holland expert Mr. Jafar Zareei, the European chief of poomsae refereeing, also attended the seminar.

The training course started at the Kris Maya Hotel with theory, a review of basic techniques and finally the Sah Jang and Keumgang poomsaes. The first aim of this type of course is to standardise the different poomsaes at European level in order to make their diffusion easier and facilitate competition development on world stage.

With his usual generosity, Ky-Tu Dang presented a personal vision and approach, but a lot sharper one of technique in competition. The issue of criteria along with the notation system was constantly at the center of debates and a lot of questions were raised by the trainees. This approach, different from the WTF Korean experts’ one, was really appreciated because of the constant exchange between instructors and trainees.

Ky-Tu Dang also demonstrated different ways of performing a poomsae according to diverse situations: graduation test, demonstration or championship. The second day was dedicated to the other superior poomsaes, from Taebek to Sipjin, with Mr Jaffar Zareei underlining some mistakes on important points such as positions and diverse moves. Mr Ky-Tu Dang constantly emphasised on a specific but nonetheless crucial theme: technical quality, fluidity combined to power and rhythm, all of these being essential elements of a good performance in competition.

On the third day, despite the flow of information and being quite tired, the experts were ready to tackle the most interesting part: superior poomsaes from Jitae to Ilyo, but especially the new poomsaes destined to final phases of international competitions, Bikak and Hanryo. These two required a lot of concentration: a difficult diagram, numerous changes of direction in diagonal, a big work on kicking techniques for the first one (Junior and Senior 1 categories), original arm techniques sequences with permanent rhythmic variation for the second (Senior 2 and Masters categories).

It was an excellent idea, for an official technical course, to combine the great experience in competition of Mr Ky-Tu Dang to Mr Jaffar Zareei’s acuity. The Spanish Federation’s President, Mr Jesus Castellanos Pueblas, ended the course by delivering a diploma to each trainee and a typical Spanish trophy for the trainers to reward the quality of their teaching.

Courtesy of the ETU Website