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WTF General Assembly in Izmir


At the General Assembly of WTF in Izmir some important and interesting issues came up the table. The following amendments of the WTF Rules have been accepted by the General Assembly:

  • The deposit sum of $ 30.000.- to be paid by any prospective host of WTF promoted events has been put down. Instead of this, the organizer shall submit a written application with prescribed terms and conditions proposing a specific amount of money to be paid to WTF. WTF will use this money to help poorer member national associations during the championship or ıt may be deposited in the WTF Development and Solidarity fund.
  • The WTF board will decide in future about host cities of WTF promoted championships. This has been done by the General Assembly so far.
  • Some minor amendments to the rules have also been accepted.

Host city for the 2009 WTF World Cup Taekwondo Team Championships will be Baku in Azerbaijan.

Host city for the 2010 WTF World Junior Taekwondo Championships will be Tijuana in Mexico.

Five new members have been accepted by the General Assembly: Gambia, Malawi, Marshall Islands, Montenegro and Uganda.

A short report about the WTF Expansion Project has been given. Currently many ideas are discussed, including a new WTF membership on a personal basis, various benefits for WTF members like discount for hotel rates, rented cars, events and more. A great part of the project deals with WTF Web-TV which partly can be accessed on ETU homepage also. Another interesting idea includes the construction of up to ten regional WTF training centres, spread over the continents. Time will tell how much of those ideas will see reality.

Poomsae has been included into the official program of the 2009 Universiade in Belgrade, was announced by WTF president Choue.

And lastly, a short report was given about the changing of the IOC charta, which will ıt make much more easy for non Olympic sports like Rugby, Softball or Karate to get Olympic recognition. Now only a 50% majority is required instead of a 2/3 majority like before. Especially Karate will try by any means to get Olympic status, thus daggering the Olympic status of Taekwondo.

The General Assembly was closed at noon, the next will be held in Copenhagen 2009.