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IOC Diploma award for Debra Tranter

The IOC headquarters in Lausanne, Switzerland was the venue for the post graduation ceremony for the inaugural and prestigious IOC Diploma in Sports Nutrition.

Debra Tranter, a Master of Human Nutrition and Dietetics through the University of Nottingham and a State Registered Dietitian, proudly took her place with the other candidates to receive this honour. Only 33 graduates from around the world achieved the diploma in this, its inaugural awarding.

Professor Ron Maun commented in his speech “The significance of the IOC placing their name on such a qualification has been key to the status of this diploma. The course content was higher than any diploma anywhere, as the contributing professors have been the best and most influential in their field of sports nutrition, science and dietetics from around the world. It is also worth noting that the course now provides these graduates the tools and knowledge so that they too can rightly become amongst the best in the world in their field. The IOC, by its very nature, expects nothing less than the best and these graduates can now help deliver the very best advice to their chosen sports so as their athletes can achieve their Olympic dream”.

Professor Arne Ljungqvist, IOC Medical Commission Chairman, in his speech commented “I am delighted that the vision of the IOC has been realised through the coming together of so many of the best professors and professionals around the world to deliver this highly sought after academic achievement. This inaugural intake of graduates will set the standard around the world in all of their various sports, so that the aspiring Olympian can benefit through such high calibre scientific experts”.

Debra has been practising at Kang Han Taekwondo for many years with her husband, Master Adrian Tranter, BTCB Chairman. She commented “I set out nine years ago to be someone who could make a difference within an Olympic sport through the field of science, hopefully within Taekwondo. The path has been tough but also extremely satisfying. The science of nutrition is one of the keys to help unlock success within any sport, so it is vital to the weight regulated sport of WTF Taekwondo. I believe that I can bring my knowledge and skills to the Great Britain athletes to help them realise their full potential and achieve an Olympic podium place in Beijing and beyond. To be able to work within the multi disciplinary team that the BTCB has in Manchester through Sport Taekwondo UK Ltd is exactly what I had in mind all those years ago. With my understanding and passion for Taekwondo I look forward to carrying out sports specific research and development with the aim of developing best practice nutritional guidelines for our wonderful sport. I would like to thank Professor Maun and his team for their guidance over the last two years in helping me with this fantastic achievement. And of course to my husband Adrian, who has been there to support me every step of the way on what has been a very long and arduous journey. I look forward to the future with great optimism and an excitement to help make a difference within Taekwondo in Great Britain”.

Gary Hall, STUK Performance Director commented “I would like to congratulate Debra for not only achieving this outstanding qualification but for the fact that she has chosen to make a difference working with the sport of Olympic Taekwondo. All the players, coaches and high performance team greatly value the work Debra has delivered to date and continues to deliver in support of World Class success for the Great Britain Team”
The BTCB Executive Committee wish to pass on their congratulations to Debra and is thrilled to have a member within its ranks with such a qualification that can be used for the benefit of the Great Britain Team.