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By: Referee Department

The changes to the rules of WTF Taekwondo over the past year or two included the introduction of additional compulsory equipment.  Any player attending an event of any standard must wear the appropriate compulsory equipment.  Detailed below are the items that must be worn by all players.  Players not wearing the items detailed will not be allowed to compete under any circumstances at any event officiated under the control of the BTCB. 

Compulsory equipment is as follows:

  • WTF approved head guard
  • WTF approved body protector
  • WTF approved groin guard (male and female)
  • WTF approved forearm protector
  • WTF approved shin protector (no instep)
  • Gumshield (white or translucent)

As all coaches and players are now aware the use of gumshields is compulsory at all UK events.  This change to the WTF rules was passed in 2003 and has been in force since December 2003. 

We must also remind all players that under no circumstances should glasses, jewellery or scarves etc be worn at any time during a match.

In addition to the changes above, the rules regarding the legal scoring areas were changed and with this in mind a new style body protector was introduced over 2 years ago.  It is vital that all players are now equipped with the new style protector to ensure there is no increased risk of injury by wearing the old style protector which does not come as far round the back as is now required.  It is now a requirement that the new style protector is worn at all events so we urge all instructors to ensure their students are re-equipped correctly to enter events.