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Joining as an Individual:

It couldn’t be easier to join as an individual. If you’re looking to give Taekwondo a go, simply type your address, postcode or county into the text field above and hit FIND.

Many clubs provide free lessons for beginners, all cater for all ages and abilities, so don’t be afraid to try it out, go along and have fun.

Once you’ve found your club, the joining process is as simple as just one form!

Membership advantages

Every person in a British Taekwondo club is required to be a British Taekwondo member, even Olympic Athletes. In joining British Taekwondo you will learn Taekwondo with the only Taekwondo organisation in the UK accredited to the WTF and the British Olympic Committee. Annual membership of British Taekwondo is very reasonable. Ask your Instructor.

Your membership provides you with…

  • Membership to the National Governing Body of the Olympic sport of taekwondo in the United Kingdom.
  • Membership to the World Taekwondo Federation along with 60 million other members worldwide.
  • Annual insurance.
  • Access to seminars, courses, competitions and grading’s both locally and nationally.
  • The potential to become the next Olympic Champion.

Application forms can be obtained from the download section on this website. Forms should be completed and handed to the Instructor who will forward this to British Taekwondo on your behalf.

Within 14 days you will receive your British Taekwondo Membership book that contains your License and Insurance Receipt. Keep this safe as you will need to through your taekwondo journey. You will need it to train, grade, referee, gain entry into British Taekwondo events, visit other British Taekwondo clubs and make insurance claims in the event of an accident. You must renew your license before the expiry date shown to enjoy continuous insurance cover.

Joining as a Club:

There has never been a better time for Clubs or Associations that practice the WTF form of Taekwondo to join the British Taekwondo.

If you are considering joining your Club or Association and wish to discuss the many benefits of membership or to request an information/registration pack please contact the Membership Services Team.