A club can, and does, offer a real asset to the local community and if you want to expand your current club to grow your membership you may need to think a little differently. Whether you want to attract more young people or encourage adults to adopt a healthy and active lifestyle, proving that your club can offer much more to the community than just a competitive angle may be a challenge.

Our ‘Expanding your Taekwondo Club’ guide will give you some practical steps and ideas that you can put in place. Either from a position where you may be struggling for Taekwondo players to provide teams for competitive events, to diversifying your offer to the community and developing new competitive or recreational opportunities.

Guide – Expanding your Taekwondo Club v4

The Development Team is on hand to support you and your club network, if you need support creating an action plan, applying for funding or setting up new branches of your club in the local community – contact us now.