KickSister is a British Taekwondo fitness and personal safety programme for females aged 11+ to help them get active and stay safe.

KickSister can be delivered by anyone who holds a BLUE BELT or higher.  Whether you are an existing instructor or an enthusiastic wannabe teacher, we want to hear from you!

  • £0 Club Affiliation Fee
  • £5 KickSister Registration Fee (per person) until March 2017
  • A heap of FREE marketing resources
  • FREE t-shirt for every KickSister
  • You set and keep your own class fees!


The KickSister programme has been designed using information about exercise and sport collected by our national partners with feedback from female Taekwondo members and instructors.  The research tells us that people who want to create a positive habit rely on three main factors:

  • Identifying a trigger – The KickSister programme offers solutions to women and girls who want to feel good about themselves, improve their self confidence, be safe, make new friends, lose weight and be fitter.
  • Creating a routine – The KickSister programme offers instructors entry level lesson plans that can be used to get the class started, which can be adapted to keep classes interesting to meet the needs of your KickSisters.
  • Delivering a reward – Through regular attendance your KickSisters will see their confidence growing, their attitudes changing and their body shape altering. For females that want to take those next steps into the full Taekwondo club, they will be able to join at ‘yellow belt’ after just 12 sessions without having to ‘grade’.

We believe the KickSister programme offers all of the above through a cardio fitness and self-defence awareness training wrapped around the white to yellow belt Taekwondo syllabus.  You can use it to recruit new members through a ‘soft and structured’ entry into regular Taekwondo classes; give experienced female Taekwondo members an alternative workout; and retain members who may be considering leaving traditional Taekwondo.


Getting Started

If you fancy running a KickSister class you simply need to contact Debbie at the office with your venue details and order your resources!

KickSister Resources

British Taekwondo is here to support you at every step of the way.  We will give you all of the resources you need to get your class started including:

  • 12 Lesson plans to kick-start your new class using fun, fitness, friendship and Taekwondo
  • A starter pack of marketing materials to attract a new audience from your local community, including:
    • 250 personalised flyers
    • 1 KickSister indoor personalised banner
    • 1 KickSister outdoor personalised banner
    • Poster templates to use in emarketing campaigns
  • An administration pack containing welcome letters, membership forms, advertising tips and advice on giving good customer service
  • Tools to monitor and evaluate sessions, including attendance registers, data collection forms, participant surveys and instructor feedback forms
  • A membership card and t-shirt for EVERY KickSister which includes insurance cover for them to practice KickSister Taekwondo
  • Certification for all KickSisters achieving their yellow belt


Before you start your class you may need to…

  • Do a bit of local market research to find out if there is a need for a female only class in your area – ask friends, work colleagues and mums of existing members
  • Calculate how much it will cost you to run your class, including:
    • venue hire
    • your own charges (if you are paying yourself)
    • equipment you may require
    • additional marketing costs to advertise your class
  • Find out how much other ‘fitness’ classes are charging so that you price your offer appropriately
  • Actively advertise your new class in places where women and girls go – mother and toddler groups, café’s, nail bars, hairdressers, schools (girls only PE classes), colleges, universities, leisure centres, gymnasiums, other female sports leagues. Most of our KickSisters are recruited through word of mouth!
  • Tell us when and where your KickSister class will be taking place and we will use our social media channels and the County Sports Partnership network to promote your class!


Once you are up and running you also need to…

  • Register KickSisters with Membership Services (£5 until March 2017)
  • Email monthly class registers to our office. This programme is being subsidised by Sport England so we need to complete regular returns declaring the number of participants
  • Engage with us via our KickSister Face book page; and encourage your ladies to share their stories
  • Keep KickSister lesson fees at a reasonable rate
  • Award Kup Certificates to KickSisters who wish to progress to a Club – available FREE of charge on request from British Taekwondo

All of which is fundamental to the future success of the KickSister programme.

Throughout the programme we will keep in contact with you on a regular basis to ensure that everything is going according to plan and is meeting your, and your KickSisters, needs.  We promise to:

  • Provide ongoing advice and support
  • Provide opportunities for you to share your experiences with other KickSister instructors
  • Help you complete and return any KickSister paperwork
  • Collate your feedback about the programme
  • Share the feedback we get from KickSisters about the programme
  • Keep in touch with you through our regular newsletters, emails and visits.

We are only at the end of a phone (01623 665013) or email if you need us!


KickSister Ambassadors

Our ultimate aim is to encourage more people to do more taekwondo, more often and your existing club members can play a vital part in this.  Involving existing female members from your club to join the KickSister class to act as ‘Ambassadors’ is a great way to encourage new KickSisters to join the club.  KickSister Ambassadors provide a familiar face and friendly welcome for any KickSisters who wish to make the transition from the KickSister class, helping to settle them into a traditional club environment.  We will provide you with 3 complimentary KickSister t-shirts that can be given to your KickSister Ambassadors as a thank you for getting involved, these can be requested from Debbie at our office.

If you don’t have any experienced Taekwondo members to call upon, then ask a female friend to help you run the class and welcome new members. Here are some ideas to get them involved:

  1. Greet new members at the door, with a welcoming smile
  2. Take a register and collect the weekly subs
  3. Respond to inquiries promptly and politely
  4. Present “housekeeping information” to participants, for instance the class times, membership forms, etc
  5. Function as a general host and direct any problems to the assigned individuals
  6. Provide new members with a brief tour of the venue in general, the facilities and as always show them the fire exits/escape routes
  7. Keep the area tidy
  8. Deal professionally with all other duties at all times




KickSister is linked to Sport England’s THIS GIRL CAN campaign.  While this is not a British Taekwondo campaign or funded by British Taekwondo, we want to make sure you are aware of it due to the profile it will have and the potential benefits for our sport.

The campaign is called This Girl Can.  It is a major cross-media campaign and you will see advertising on television as well as on billboards in the street.  It is aimed at getting women and girls aged 14-40 active, taking their first steps to a sustainable lifestyle and encouraging them into all forms of activity – including Taekwondo!

We are speaking with Sport England to see how we can ensure that Taekwondo gets the best benefit from it. Sport England is encouraging organisations to consider what they may be able to do to help address some of the reasons why women can be put off becoming involved in sport. These reasons include women believing that they’re not fit or good enough, not having the right equipment and family pressures.

You can find out more and sign up to receive information from Sport England on This Girl Can at We recommend that you do this to enable you to identify ways your club may be able to make the most of this campaign.  There will also be resources made available to you should help you make the most of the work that you do.

As well as the Sport England resources we will create a page on our website where we will add information and advice that is specific to you, as more resources and details become available. We will send you a link to the specific page when it is created.

If you have any specific questions please contact