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BACK   24th May 2013

Press Release

Since the launch of the new British Taekwondo training videos less than a month ago, the techniques and Poomsae have been viewed 9972 times as of today.

The videos are the result of collaboration between British Taekwondo, the Martial Arts Technical Team, Doncaster College and is funded by a Sport England initiative.
Basic techniques and Poomsae have been filmed in age categories to compliment British Taekwondo member’s club training. The Poomsae have proved especially popular with IL JANG the most viewed.

Callum Irving, Community Sport Relationship Manager from Sport England commented:

‘This is a really positive piece of work by British Taekwondo and after viewing elements of the filming and talking through with participants and coaches how it can have an impact within clubs is one that we certainly support’

‘Through this resource British Taekwondo are able to reach participants, coaches and clubs in different ways utilising different media channels –the unique partnership with the education sector through Doncaster College has enabled British Taekwondo to ensure that both the quality of the production and the longevity of the resource are extremely high’

Adding ‘The numbers already accessing and using the resource as well as the feedback received has been extremely positive and will give clubs and coaches another tool in order to offer a high quality experience to participants both existing and new’

Filming so far has taken place over 6 days at Doncaster College, ably supported by tutors and students. The techniques were performed by leading British Taekwondo members in their respective age categories – Jordan Bignell, Guntur Dwiarmein, Susan Parkins, Taylor Parkins, Prem Govind, Nikhita Mistry and Neil Guest. The Taekwondo Masters who make up MATT selected and directed the techniques to be filmed and provided script and commentary.

A link is on the British Taekwondo homepage and connected to a dedicated area provided by Dartfish – the leading technology provider in WTF Taekwondo. As the channel develops there will be opportunities for instructors, coaches and British Taekwondo members to further use the technology to improve their own training techniques.

The next filming session is currently in the planning stage and will include all Dan grade Poomsae and advanced techniques. Other aspects of Taekwondo training to be filmed will include Self Defence and One Step Sparring. At the forthcoming MATT Seminar on 16th June participants who would like to feature in the filming will get a chance to demonstrate their skills.

The video training tool is an exciting development in British Taekwondo, along with Club and Coach Development it illustrates the progress British Taekwondo is making to enhance the Taekwondo experience of our members and support the great work done by our instructors and coaches.

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