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BACK   16th January 2013

London Olympic Games legacy Equipment- Competition E- Winners

We are pleased to announce that we have two winners of the Painting competition. The idea was for young members to draw or paint a picture of Jade or Lutalo. We had a great response, thank you to everyone who sent their pictures in.
Jade and Lutalo chose the two winners.
They are;
Ethan Kosak Hine of Ickenham Taekwondo Club
Emily Frances Brighton of Black Widow Taekwondo Club.

Jade commented” They are amazing, I love them all. But my favourite is the one with me being hugged by my coach, Paul Green, by Emily. It really does capture the moment”.

Lutalo also commented” I can’t believe how much care and attention they have put in. The detail of Ethan’s picture of both Jade and me is just great, it must have took him ages”.

It is fair to say that both our Olympians were thrilled and delighted with the winners.
Ethan, his coach and mum came to collect their equipment. Ethan commented “ I loved the Olympics. I really enjoyed doing the paintings I am so glad Jade and Lutalo like them. I think getting this equipment is fantastic, especially the signed head guard”.

Emily commented “I saw Jade on the TV when she won and I wanted to try to make my photo look like that. I am so happy that Jade likes it, she is my hero”.

Ethan and Emily are pictured collecting their equipment with president Tranter. Jade and Lutalo are also pictured with the winning pictures.

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