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BACK   14th January 2013

London Olympic Games Legacy Equipment Competition F- Writing- Winners

We are pleased to announce that we have two winners of the Writing competition. The idea was for young members to write an essay of “How watching British Taekwondo athletes at the London Olympic Games has inspired me and what I now do differently because of that inspiration.

The winners are;
Jeamy Navarro Schrank of BTS Taekwondo Club
Ethan Kosak Hine of Ickenham Taekwondo Club.

Jeamy was thrilled to receive the equipment, commenting Watching the Olympics really did inspire me to train harder, it must be magic to be able to be at the Olympics. It’s great for our club to get all of this. I love the signed helmets they are amazing, I can’t wait to show everyone”
Ethan also commented “I really enjoyed writing my story, I was inspired to work harder through my recovery and I will never forget what our athletes did. The equipment is amazing”.
Jeamy is are pictured with President Tranter and coach Master Joe Brown.
Ethan is pictured with President Tranter and coach Tony Butcher.
Both of their essays are here for everyone to read. We hope you enjoy them.

Click here to download Ethan Kosak Hine's inspiring letter.

Click here to download Jeamy Navarro Schrank's inspiring letter.


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