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Jordan Gayle


Mahama Cho

DATE OF BIRTH: July 24, 1991

PLACE OF BIRTH: Manchester

BASED: Manchester

WEIGHT: -68kg

WHEN DID YOU START TAEKWONDO AND WHY: Started when I was seven or eight. My cousin,Oliver, got me interested and I joined Manchester Aces

OTHER SPORTS PLAYED: Played football at school but taekwondo is only sport I took up seriously.

HONOURS: 2007 Youth Olympics silver, 2007 European Junior silver, 2008 Commonwealth gold, 2008 World Junior quarter finalist.

AMBITION: To be seen as one of the taekwondo greats.


WHY SHOULD THE PUBLIC WATCH TAEKWONDO: Because there is no other sport like it. No other sport that is as fast. We've got tactics, knockouts, speed and power. Other sports only offer one thing.

IF SOMEONE GAVE YOU £1 MILLION, WHAT WOULD YOU DO WITH IT: Make sure it lasted.Taekwondo is only a short career and I'd want some money when I finished.

SOMETHING YOU DIDN'T KNOW ABOUT JORDAN GAYLE:  I used to be a good off-road motorbike rider until taekwondo came along.