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Jade Jones


Jade Jones

DATE OF BIRTH: March 21, 1993

PLACE OF BIRTH: Bodelwyddan

BASED: Manchester

WEIGHT: -57kg

WHEN DID YOU START TAEKWONDO AND WHY: Started when I was eight. My granddad, Martin, got me into it to keep me off the streets. Loved it ever since. 

OTHER SPORTS PLAYED: I tried loads-dancing, rugby, but taekwondo was the only one that appealed.

HONOURS: 2010 World Junior silver, 2010 Youth Olympics qualification bronze, Mexico and then gold in Youth Olympics final, Singapore, 2010 European senior bronze, BBC Wales Young Sports Personality of the Year, Jaguar Academy Sports Star of the Future, US Open Gold, German Open Silver, World Senior Silver .

AMBITION: Loads of little goals but main one is to qualify for London 2012 and then turn Youth Olympics into Olympic gold.

ROLE MODEL/FAVOURITE OTHER SPORTSMAN OR WOMAN: Kelly Holmes-she is my inspiration. She overcame lots of things to achieve her dream.

WHY SHOULD THE PUBLIC WATCH TAEKWONDO: It's the up and coming sport. Great to watch with flashy kicks and spins. If you blink you could miss someone getting knocked out.

IF SOMEONE GAVE YOU £1 MILLION, WHAT WOULD YOU DO WITH IT:  Get a car for myself (wouldn't mind a Ferrari) and then buy a house for my mum. 

SOMETHING YOU DIDN'T KNOW ABOUT ABOUT JADE JONES:  Always loved Ant and Dec. Can't spell Bodelwyddan!