Sponsorise Me

Sponsorise.Me is a Sports Crowdfunding Platform dedicated to helping grassroots athletes, clubs and organisations find funding through an alternative and modern route.

Crowdfunding is raising money directly from a large number of people all pledging relatively small amounts.

As anyone who has ever done any fundraising knows, its easier to raise £20 fifty times than £1000 at once.

Crowdfunding is a great way for British Taekwondo’s members to receive funding and engaging with their supporters. For projects such as new Tatamis for a Dojo, new punch bags, etc.

Crowdfunding is an alternative (or complementary) way of raising funds for projects by asking people in the local and wider community to donate small amounts of money to your project. In exchange of their financial contribution, supporters receive unique rewards from the project owner (A training session, a signed shirt, tickets to an event, etc.)

If you have a project in mind you can submit it to Sponsorise.Me by clicking Here