The Hub of Knowledge – Week 6

Top Tip for Instructors

When adding new members to The Hub, if they are not family members, they must be added under the ‘Members’ section and not the ‘My Members’ section.

New members who do not have their own individual email address should be created by lead instructors under ‘Members’, ‘Create Members’ using a unique username in an email address style.  The format must include an @sign, for example: joebloggs@jblog. This will not cause any issues for the member as the username is only used for login purposes. Please remember that the ‘Contact Email Address’ must be a valid email address which British Taekwondo can use to contact the members.

As a reminder, the ‘My Members’section in The Hub is for family members only,who are under 18 and do not have their own email address. This section should not be used for any other member of the club.

Should you have any questions or need any help regarding ‘The Hub’ please email: