British Taekwondo Activator Course – Manchester Regional Arena

British Taekwondo held the first Activator course at Manchester Regional Arena on Tuesday 15th May.

The Activator course is aimed at providing Sports Coaches and School Teachers with the skills and knowledge to lead basic Taekwondo sessions for beginners in order to raise awareness of Taekwondo and grow the Taekwondo family.

The Activator course was attended by six aspiring coaches, who all got stuck in from the start and loved every minute of their Taekwondo experience. Jenna Bullimore; a teacher at Newall Green High School, said that she would “definitely recommend the Activator course to other Teachers/Coaches”.

The course photos below, show the participant’s progression from a progressive warm-up to high-kicks.

British Taekwondo would like to thank the attendees for their time, energy and enthusiasm, the Manchester Regional Arena Staff for their assistance and Nathan Kirwan of Manchester City Council’s Active Schools team for helping to make the Activator course happen.

The next British Taekwondo Manchester Activator course will be held on 30 May 2018 as part of the Legacy Project with British Taekwondo, GB Taekwondo, Manchester City Council and UK Sport.