Announcement – Poomsae Nationals 2018

BT Nationals 2018

Following Club and Instructor feedback and due to a number of logistical challenges and major timing conflicts that have become apparent since the announcement was released with regards to a combined Kyorugi / Poomsae National competition on 27-28th October 2018 in Sheffield, BT has taken the decision to review the arrangements, and will be exploring the potential for rescheduling the Poomsae Nationals to an alternative date and venue in the South (subject to availability of a suitable venue).  BT would like to advise all teams planning to compete in the Poomsae Nationals to not make any arrangements in preparation for Poomsae Nationals until further notice.

The Kyorugi Nationals will proceed as previously announced.

Poomsae Competition Rules

An announcement was made at the Head of Team Meeting at the WT Beach Championships 2018 that WT will revert to the 2014 Rules & Regulations for Poomsae Competition until further notice

International Referee Qualifications

In response to the recognised shortage of qualified referees, British Taekwondo will sanction two candidates for Kyorugi, and up to 8 candidates for Poomsae to attend the forthcoming International Referee course which is to be hosted in Croatia in June and will launch a restructured BT referee qualification programme in June 2018.  Further information will be announced in due course.