British National Kyorugi Championships 2018

After reviewing the National Championships of 2017, the Board of British Taekwondo made the following observations:

  • The September timing of the event was not the best time of year.
  • The Velodrome in Manchester is a great events venue but not ideal for Taekwondo.
  • GB Taekwondo should not be responsible for the event delivery.
  • The National Championships should alternate annually between the North and South.

Late February was presented as the best option. Due to the short timeframe, venue availability was an issue. The English Institute of Sport in Sheffield was proposed. Availability at the EIS was also limited, and a provisional booking was made for 10th and 11 February.

At a meeting of proposed 2018 event organisers in October this date was supported as part of event planning by the clubs and member groups present:






Horizon WTA




MM represented UTF


The announcement was made of the venue and date, but the competition information was not produced. The CEO joined me in November to review the Venue, the Field of Play (FOP) layout, the Back of House (BOH) layout, planning and official and organiser facilities and support. Preparations were well in hand.

At the Annual General Meeting AOB section, a debate was held about the National Championships, and it was decided there would be a vote on the February date of the 2018 National Championships. The vote was made to change the date of the National Championships 2018 to November. At this time there is no date or venue.

I and the Board fully accept the decision of the members present at the AGM especially as some clubs that had attended the October consultation meeting or their proxies voted against the February date.

Mike Mckenzie
Technical Director British Taekwondo