British Taekwondo

British Taekwondo – Board Meeting – 15/09/2017

In attendance:

  • Jon Smith (JS)
  • Mark Abberley (MA)
  • Sarah Jennings (SJ)
  • Mike McKenzie (MM)
  • Said Khelwatty (SK)

Apologies received from Jonny Cowan (JC) and Paul Mackenzie (PM) – both to join by phone


Conflict of interest

No changes were noted

Approval of minutes from previous meeting

Unanimously agreed

Agenda opening

JS was experiencing travel difficulties due to transport issues in London. MA opened the meeting

CEO update

Manchester Transition and Strategic Development

MA gave a further update on Manchester transition plan – current status and required actions.

Updated on job descriptions for recruitment, office locations and requirements in transitioning out of Mansfield. Also updated on the retention of staff within the business to assist the ongoing transition of the business

CRM (Jonny Cowan joined by phone)

Discussed the ongoing CRM build and the timescales and plans for launch. 4Global had prepared an update report. This was discussed.

Agreed that an October testing and end of November launch would be ideal

Landscape Partners and Organisational Development

An overview was given on development work and current status with Sport England Funding and TOL.

There was an extensive discussion with regards the roles and responsibilities of the Non-Executive Taekwondo Board members. It was agreed that the organisation could now develop with the Board members acting with portfolio and taking more responsibility for certain areas of the organisation.

This was discussed that Board members could take more responsibility for certain areas and that the roles and responsibilities of the Committees could be reviewed in this context. Suggested areas included MM for technical, SJ for talent development and Manchester plan, SK for Poomsae.

Referee Development

The development of referees and officials was discussed. It was agreed that the ongoing development of officials across both Kyorugi and Poomsae, in both the domestic and international landscape was a priority.

It was agreed that British Taekwondo should take more direct responsibility for education and appointment of officials going forward to ensure appropriate workforce development.

Actions: MA to send note out to current referee administration, MM to follow up with officials at Nationals and identify potential appointee for Cadet European Championships


There was a discussion with regards the ongoing development of competition opportunity and structure across the organisation and the opportunities for members to compete.


MM to follow up with regards Kyorugi Competition

SK to follow up with regards Poomsae Competition

It was also agreed that British Taekwondo should host a G ranked event for both Kyorugi and Poomsae and that these plans should be followed up with WTE via VP Usman Dildar


There was an update on recent Poomsae activity including the successful Summer Camp and the upcoming selection and logistic process for the World Para Championships. It was reiterated that SK would be getting more involved in this area going forward.

Talent – Cadets

SJ gave an update on the preparations for the Cadet Europeans and outstanding logistical issues were discussed.  It was agreed that this was a positive area for BT to be now overseeing and that a development programme should be developed for 2018.


International work was discussed and reviewed including BT attendance at the upcoming GP and any hosting arrangements for Chair and VP. It was agreed that the event was a GB hosted event ad that BT would play a supporting role as required


It Was agreed that the AGM would be held in early December in London.

Action: MA to start preparation and organisation


PM joined the meeting by phone. An overview of the financial position was discussed. It was agreed to review the banking arrangements for BT in light of recent operational challenges around overseas payment and banking services at HSBC

Safeguarding and Compliance

JS and MA gave an extensive update on a number of cases and issues across the organisation. These were discussed in detail


Honorary Dan Grades were discussed for a number of members. These were agreed

Meeting Closed at 3pm – Date of next meeting – November 7th 2017 – Manchester