British Taekwondo to focus on the development of Officials

As part of the most recent board meeting, there was a discussion about further investment into development and opportunity for our referees and judges.

It was felt that this particular group of our membership are a vital key to the ongoing growth and delivery of our competition system and structures. On the basis of this, we want to support more referee appointments to international events whilst at the same time being able to build capacity through further investment and to focus on officials education, officials development and the pathway through the various levels of qualifications and experience.

We have recently seen the appointment of Jodie Sinden to the European Cadet Championships and Darren Naraine to the London Grand Prix and we look forward to the opportunity to see more appointments in the future as well as further development of our education courses for all officials across both Kyorugi and Poomsae.

Mike McKenzie from the British Taekwondo Board added that ‘we were able to have some very positive discussions about Referee appointments at the recent Cadet Europeans with our colleagues at Taekwondo Europe and it was great to see Jodie playing such a positive role. We look forward to working with our membership to develop this more in the future’