UPDATED – General Information for the 2017 National Championships

Please see below information which is important to speed up your registration and weigh-in:

  • Registration Office – The office will be open from 4pm on Friday for coaches to collect their teams ID cards.  As in previous years, we will allow players to collect their own cards individually if they are arriving separately from other players in their team.
  • Coach wrist bands will be issued each morning – a different band is required each day by each coach.  All coaches must bring photographic ID to be able to collect their coach wristband.
  • Weigh-in will open on Friday at 5pm.  Test scales will be available from 4pm.   All players must produce photographic ID – acceptable forms of ID are British TKD membership book with Photograph, Passport or GAL card – NO ID means you cannot weigh-in.

As we have had many people calling about the event timings, we again attach herewith a timetable for you to release to your players.



(1) We have attached a general timetable for the weekends National Championships.

(2) Entry Fee Payments – We are currently reconciling all entry fee receipts and will contact any teams who have not yet paid.  If you know you are one of those teams then please pay your entry fees ahead of the weekend.

(3) Coaches – We will be assessing the number of free coaches passes per team based on the number of entries.  If you added additional coaches, please ensure that you have paid the fee.  We will contact all teams who appear to have too many coaches registered for the number of players they have entered (unless they have already paid the additional coaches fee).

(4) Weigh-Ins – As detailed in the event information we have 3 weigh-ins.  Friday nights weigh-in is open to all groups competing on either day.  There is a weigh-in Saturday morning which is ONLY for players competing on Saturday.  A further weigh-in will be held Saturday afternoon for the remaining players competing on Sunday.  Please note that the Saturday morning weigh-in is split with Pee Wee and Children weighing in first followed by the remainder of the Saturday groups.  Please refer to the event timetable for all times. Please make sure your teams are aware of when they can weigh-in.

(5) Draw sheets will be available  for Saturdays groups online on Saturday morning following the Saturday morning weigh-in  Sundays draws will be available online during Saturday evening, hopefully prior to 8pm.  All draw sheets will be added to the British TKD and Ma-Regonline web sites.

(6) The purpose of the split weigh-in on Saturday morning for Saturdays groups is to allow the Pee Wee and Child novice groups to start as early as possible.  We will complete these groups before starting on the remaining age groups.  Sunday will not have this procedure – it will be all groups starting from 9am.

(7) All groups will compete matches of 3 x 1.5 minutes rounds with 30 second break.

(8) Following feedback from previous years events, we will be awarding the medals on each court on completion of the semi-finals/finals with the Team Trophies being the only awards at the end of each day.  We have arranged a photographic area where medallists may take their pictures with a British Taekwondo backdrop (as we done in last years National Championships).

(9) Whilst we appreciate that some of the security arrangements will cause us some inconvenience, we would clarify that all the venue are asking is for teams to be sensible when arriving at the venue.  Spectators should limit bags to rucksacks.  Kit bags for players are permitted but please ensure that they can be searched easily.  With regard to food, packed lunches for personal consumption are allowed but the cafe in the venue is also providing low cost meals which is in addition to the concession stands within the venue concourse.  We are aware of some teams complaining about these restrictions – please remember that they are being put in place by the venue, not by British Taekwondo and are for the safety of you, your players and their families.

(10) Please keep an eye on Social Media for additional announcements and for posting your teams pictures and players stories and successes from the event – just remember to use the event hashtag #BTNC17 !

Good luck to all the clubs and the players.