British Taekwondo

British Taekwondo Developing Investment Plan

The British Taekwondo Board are developing a long-term investment plan for the organisation and will be engaging with our members for feedback and input as these plans develop.

The secure financial position that the organisation has achieved over the last two years offers the exciting opportunity to reinvest into key areas of the sport and martial art and to develop what we can offer and deliver to our members.

Some of the key themes under consideration include:

Further investment into Competitions

We recognise that competition across both codes is important for our members, we want to invest in competition infrastructure and opportunities to provide a great experience for our competing members and clubs. There are opportunities to invest in technical equipment, competition presentation and venue overlay to ensure we are constantly improving and offering the best competition experience we can to our players and athletes.

Supporting our Teams and Talent

We have been able to support our Kyorugi Cadet Team to the European Championships, our Poomsae Team to the European Championships and our Para Poomsae Team to the upcoming World Championships. We would like to do more of this in the future, to continue and develop our investment into the Cadet Development Programme, our Poomsae Training and Development Programme and our Para-Taekwondo work

Directly Supporting Development Work

Whilst we receive government funding for a range of development work we increasingly see exciting projects that do not sit within these programmes but would benefit from more direct support and investment from British Taekwondo.  We would like to start identifying development, community and educational projects that will a real difference and investigate how we can support and sustain them.

Developing our Officials and Coaches

Our officials, coaches and instructors are key to our delivery. We intend to invest more in the education and development of these members, creating new courses, online learning and continuous personal development opportunities. We also recognise the opportunity that exists for individuals to represent British Taekwondo on an International basis and want to support this opportunity frequently for more members.

Our Infrastructure

Our membership continues to grow, against that backdrop it is our duty to ensure that they are fully supported wherever it is possible to do so.  We want to build a world-class Member National Organisation that all our members can be proud to be a member of.  We are bound to deliver and control administrative services such as safeguarding, disciplinary and insurance services and will continue to develop these important areas alongside the membership services and digital platforms we are developing to empower our members.