GB Cadet Selection Event/National Championship Seeding League Tables


July 9th 2017 saw the first British Taekwondo selection event in over a decade. Over a 100 Cadet athletes from clubs all over the UK came to the Doncaster Dome to compete for their chance to represent Great Britain at the 2017 European Cadet Championships to be held in October in Budapest.

The event was hosted by Master Gary Sykes of the WTA and British Taekwondo Board members Sarah Jennings MBE, Mark Abberley CEO and Mike Mckenzie Vice President. The competition management was by Mr Brian Tilley and Referee Director was Mr Chris Codling.

A great team of volunteers and officials including International Referees on both courts ensured the event was a great success. Gold medal athletes were selected in 19 of the possible 20 categories and they will be joining Chloe Roberts and Caden Cunningham who have pre-qualified by winning medals at the 2nd edition of the President’s Cup (Europe).

The Cadet team will be fully funded by British Taekwondo which has assumed responsibility for this and the Under 21 Team.

The successful athletes will shortly receive official letters of selection and in August the Board will appoint Coaching and support staff.

Thanks to everyone who supported this event, especially the athletes recommended to participate.

We are pleased to release the updated Seeding League tables as they stand following the Cadet Selection Championships.  We would ask all teams to check for accuracy of their own players scores and report any issues to Brian Tilley so they can be checked and corrected if required.  Brian can be emailed at
There are a number of events still to take place before the final league tables will be produced which will determine the seeding’s at the National Championships, the next one being the Scorpion Open, followed by the Ultimate Open and Scottish Open Championships, so plenty of points still to be won.