British Taekwondo Partners with Precision Hydration

British Taekwondo is delighted to announce a new partnership with Precision Hydration.


Precision Hydration

Precision Hydration works with a long list of elite athletes in combat sports and other weight categorised sports and so understands the unique hydration demands in these fields. Founder Andy Blow is a former semi-pro elite triathlete and was the Team Sports Scientist at Renault and Benetton F1 teams, another sport with very specific hydration demands for athletes.

Commenting on the partnership, Founder of Precision Hydration, Andy Blow said “We are delighted to partner with British Taekwondo who share the same passion and dedication for enabling athletes to perform at their highest levels whilst staying safe and healthy as Precision Hydration. We look forward to providing expert advice to British Taekwondo members as well as developing additional offers for members, athletes and events over the coming months.”

Mark Abberley, Chief Executive at British Taekwondo added “Early on in our discussions it was clear that both organisations shared a passion for helping athletes, coaches, and parents with information about hydration, sweat, weight management and general health to keep healthy and enhance performance. The Board at British Taekwondo wants to enhance the organisation’s partnership portfolio by working with partners who can help the sport grow and develop, and offer benefit to our members. Precision Hydration fits very well and as part of today’s announcement, we are pleased to be able to launch the first topic of advice around weight management which is a key part to athlete welfare. We’d like to thank Andy and Dave at Precision Hydration for joining us on our journey, and look forward to providing additional benefits to our membership over the coming weeks and months.”

To kick-start the partnership, Precision Hydration is offering British Taekwondo participants a free combat sports sweat test as well as a 15% discount on any first order of all-natural, multi-strength electrolytes (just use the code TAEKWONDO). Precision Hydration also has an Advanced Sweat Test that tells you exactly how much you lose in your sweat for those that want to take their hydration strategy to the next level.

Check out the first of many articles from Precision Hydration to help us better manage our hydration and well-being in Taekwondo: WEIGHT MANAGEMENT AND HYDRATION GUIDELINES FOR TAEKWONDO

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