British Taekwondo

British Taekwondo announce relocation and new strategic direction

After a period of consolidation within the organisation British Taekwondo are announcing a number of significant organisational changes that will take place within the next few months. After significant deliberation and consideration, the Board feel that the opportunity now exists to reshape the way in which we run Taekwondo and restructure how we engage with, support and provide services to our membership.

The fundamental changes that will take place are:

  • The British Taekwondo Head Office will be relocating to a new office in Manchester in the Autumn. It gives us the opportunity to locate Taekwondo in one city, further develop relationships with GB Taekwondo and work from a base within a significant and important sporting city. There are also a number of significant Taekwondo events in Manchester over the coming period, including a World Championships, and we want to be able to connect into these and contribute to their success.


  • We are developing a digital, web-based platform to run and operate our membership processes. It will enable members to join, update and view their membership details and records, make payments electronically, enter competitions, organise and deliver Dan gradings, administer Kukkiwon applications and apply for coaching or education courses directly and online. We plan to make administration much less time consuming for our instructors and be able to remove some of the current processes, such as competition audits, that we know cause frustration with our members. We intend for the initial parts of this system to be coming online and available to the membership by October.


  • Our new Manchester office will become a hub from which we will centralise and professionalise the key services we provide to our membership. We will be changing and developing our business model to take more ownership of the areas of the organisation that are most important to our membership, empowering our instructor and club base and working with less reliance on our volunteer structure in areas of the organisation that will benefit from a more direct delivery and operation.


  • We recognise the importance of our relationship with our partners at World Taekwondo, The European Taekwondo Union and Kukkiwon. We have invested some time in furthering and fostering these relationships over the last few months and in understanding how we can both contribute to, and benefit from, a proactive working relationship with these key stakeholders. We are considering the opportunity of opening a satellite office in London from which we can both service the large section of our membership in London and the South East and run our international relations and activity.


This ambitious plan creates a number of operational impacts that we have now started working through and we intend to keep our membership fully informed of developments via our website, social media and ezine.

There is also the intention to create a specific part of our website for information and member feedback and to deliver workshops, roadshows and member forums as the plan progresses and develops into delivery.