National Championships 2017 – Seeding System Information

As in the last 2 years, the British Taekwondo National Championships shall be seeded using a league system in all Cadet, Junior and Senior Advanced groups.

Players will build up league points in qualifying events in the UK, in the year prior to each National Championships. Each year shall always include the previous year’s National Championships (for example in 2017, we shall include results from the 2016 Nationals) plus a number of UK Open Championships which shall be named at the earliest possible opportunity. This list of events may be added to during the year, and announcements will be made by British Taekwondo should any events be added or removed.

Players shall gain league points in the weight group they are entered into and points shall not be transferable to other groups. The points to be gained shall be as follows:

  1. (1)  Groups with 2 or 3 players – the winner only to receive points (10 points).
  2. (2)  Groups with 4-7 players – Gold and Silver Medallists to receive points (10 & 7 points).
  3. (3)  Groups with 8-15 players – Gold, Silver and Bronze Medallists to receive points (10, 7 & 4 points).
  4. (4)  Groups with 16+ players – Gold, Silver and Bronze medallists plus losing quarter- finalists to receive points(10, 7, 4 & 1 points).

Please note the following:

  1. (a)  Should a “points gaining” position at any qualifying event be taken by an overseas player, the British TKDmembers will not move up the ranking at the event – points will only be awarded for the actual finish position of

    the British TKD member.

  2. (b)  Should a player find themselves being merged into another group, they will only gain points in the group they aremerged into.
  3. (c)  Players could feature in more than one league if they enter and finish in a ranking position in more than oneweight group (for example if they enter one weight group at one event and another weight group at the next event).

For the National Championships, there will be a maximum of 4 seeded players in each group, dependent on the number of entries in the group, and these shall be taken by the top 3 players in each of the weight group leagues, with the 4th place seed position being awarded to any GB academy player entered into the event – this applies to senior groups only with cadets and juniors having the 4 seeded positions decided from the league standings. In the event of a tie between more than 1 players in any weight division, the seeding shall be decided using the following method:

  1. (1)  Firstly, the player with the highest number of 1st places shall gain the higher seeding.
  2. (2)  Should there be a tie on the number of 1st places, then the player with the higher number of runner up placing’sshall gain the higher seeding.
  3. (3)  Should there be a tie on the number of 1st/2nd places then the player with the higher number of losing semi-finalplaces (3rd’s) will gain the higher seeding.
  4. (4)  In the event of a tie in 1st/2nd/3rd places then the player with the higher number of losing quarter-final places shallgain the higher seeding.
  5. (5)  If there is a tie on all ranking positions, then the player who beat the other in matches shall gain the higherseeding and should this also be tied, a count back on points shall be the deciding factor with the higher point’s difference being the deciding factor.

The leagues shall be published at the end of June, July & August and the final ranking/seeding positions shall be published one week prior to the National Championships.

Ranking Events for British TKD 2017 National Championships

The following events shall be used as ranking events for the 2017 National Championships;

2016 British Taekwondo National Championships WLM Open Championships (October 2016)
Quest TKD Festival (November 2016)
TCGB National Championships (March 2017) Ultimate Taekwondo Championships (March 2017) The Capital Cup (May 2017)

Yorkshire Open Championships (May 2017) The Dome Open Championships (June 2017) Liverpool Open Championships (June 2017) Scorpion Open Championships (July 2017) 2016 Scottish Cup (September 2017)

Seeding at the 2017 National Championships

Seeding at the National Championships shall be based upon the number of entries in the group. They will be as follows:

2-4 players (2 seeds) 5-7 players (3 seeds) 8+ players (4 seeds)

Seedings shall be awarded in order of ranking to the first 3 players from the league for that weight group. The 4th place seed position shall be taken by any entry from the GB Academy (Seniors only). In the case that GB Academy do not make an entry in that weight group, then the 4th place position shall be awarded to the player ranked 4th in the league for the weight group. Please note that this 4th place seed position shall only be awarded should there be sufficient entries in the group to justify 4 seeds. Should GB Academy enter more than 1 player into a group, they will be awarded 5th, 6th 7th etc seeding position.

Should a seeded player not make weight at the National Championships, or be entered into another group, they shall lose their seeding.

Should a player move groups from the one entered at the National Championships, they will not qualify for any seeding, regardless of their ranking in the group they move to.