Dorset Taekwondo Give Away Opportunities to Try Taekwondo!

It’s really important for clubs to be involved with the local community.

There should be plenty of opportunities for people to give something new a try and dip their toe in Taekwondo…  that’s why we’re providing clubs with free promotional give-aways for community events!

A club who recently cashed in on this support was that of Dorset Taekwondo, who made the most of School Sports Week not long ago.

The club put on four 45-minute Taekwondo classes, each made up of around 30 children. School Sports Week aimed to encourage children to become more active via involvement in sport, giving chances to experience a variety of sports and physical activities.

“The children did several sporting activities throughout the week” commented Dorset Taekwondo Instructor, Master Darren Naraine, “but we were the only sport to give out goodies!”

As a result of these sessions, the club has gained three new enthusiastic members – but it doesn’t end there! The school was delighted with the sessions, outlining how much the children loved Taekwondo.

“My class said it was their favourite activity,” said Miss Mcdonnel, a teacher at the primary school where Sports Week was held. 

“When I asked the whole school, 56 children said they would take up Taekwondo if they had the chance to do so. 

“I’m sure more children love to also, if they had a chance to try.”

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These activities are more than brilliant sporting opportunities for young people; they serve as excellent ways to establish longstanding links within schools in the local community. Something highlighted by another ‘Have A Go’ session recently lead by Dorset Taekwondo.

To celebrate achieving Satellite Funding, the club put on two demonstrations in the local comprehensive school, The Grange. A new satellite club was set up at the Grange School as a consequence of the successful funding bid, so the club seized the opportunity to create some buzz and promote this.

The demonstrations were attended by 250 students, aged 11-16. Dorset Taekwondo took the students through some self defence, kicking drills and finally some breaking before giving away British Taekwondo bags, pens and wrist bands.

“Having something to take away is a really great way to keep people thinking and remembering what they’ve seen. It certainly makes the class easier to promote.” said Darren.

“So far we have had 6 people join the club as a direct result, with the satellite funding subsidising the training fees, British Taekwondo membership, and a uniform.”

Our  Development Team are always on hand to support your club’s events. If you plan on putting on an event to promote your club or  – be sure to let us know!

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